Third Party Integrations

Integrate with leading accounting packages to streamline your finances. Whether you use Quickbooks, Xero, or Sage, you can sync your invoices with MiTransit.

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Accounting Packages

MiTransit makes it easy to sync your invoices with your accounting packages. You can choose to integrate with Quickbooks, Xero, or Sage. Click synchronize and enter your credentials and your invoices created in MiTransit will be transferred to your accounting package. CourierApp helps you keep your finances in order with accounting packages synchronization.


Courier Exchange

MiTransit lets you integrate with Courier Exchange, the leading online platform for courier jobs. You can import a load from Courier Exchange or send jobs from MiTransit with one click. You can also update job details in MiTransit and it will automatically be updated on Courier Exchange. If your job didn't sell? Have it repost automatically! MiTransit helps you connect with Courier Exchange and grow your delivery business.

  • One click import and export.
  • Automatic load repost.
  • View your Quotes right within MiTransit.
  • Track CX driver locations in MiTransit.

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