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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Custom software development is the process of creating software applications that are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of a client. Custom software development can offer many benefits, such as:
    • Increased efficiency and productivity, as the software is designed to fit the client’s workflow and business processes.
    • Enhanced security and reliability, as the software is built with the client’s data and infrastructure in mind.
    • Competitive advantage and innovation, as the software can provide unique features and functionalities that are not available in off-the-shelf solutions.
    • Cost savings and scalability, as the software can be adapted and modified according to the changing requirements and demands of the client.

  • We follow the best practices and standards of software engineering to ensure the quality of our software products. We use various methods and tools to test and verify our software, such as:
    • Unit testing and integration testing, to verify the functionality and performance of individual components and modules of the software.
    • System testing and user acceptance testing, to validate the functionality and usability of the software as a whole and ensure that it meets the client’s expectations and specifications.

  • We believe that effective communication is essential for successful software development. We use various channels and tools to communicate with our clients during the software development process, such as:
    • Email and phone, to provide regular updates and feedback on the progress and status of the project.
    • Online platforms and tools, such as Zoom, etc., to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration with the client and their stakeholders.

  • We estimate the cost and duration of a software development project based on various factors, such as:
    • The scope and complexity of the project requirements and specifications.
    • The size and expertise of the development team assigned to the project.
    • The technology stack and tools used for the project development.
    • The methodology and approach adopted for the project management.
    • The risks and uncertainties involved in the project execution.

  • We understand that changes or revisions in the project requirements or specifications are inevitable in software development. We handle them by following these steps:
    • We evaluate the impact of the change or revision on the project scope, cost, duration, quality, etc.
    • We communicate with the client about the change or revision request and discuss its feasibility, implications, alternatives, etc., using various channels such as email, phone, online platforms, etc.
    • We negotiate with the client about the terms and conditions of implementing the change or revision request, such as additional cost or time required, priority or order of implementation, etc., using various techniques such as win-win negotiation or trade-off analysis.