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Create, assign, and track delivery jobs with ease, as well as calculate the cost of each delivery based on distance, time, and other factors.

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  • Invoice generation
  • Reporting tools
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Driver Tracking

Job Management

Manage your jobs with ease and efficiency. Customizable jobs view, adjust column sizes and order, group rows by different columns, and coloring the rows based on certain conditions. Create multiple stops for each job and create routes across multiple jobs to optimize your delivery time and cost. You can also view the audit trail of the changes made to your jobs and keep track of your delivery history.



Invoicing made easy and convenient, generate and send invoices to your customers with a few clicks. You can create custom invoice templates for each client and generate multiple invoices at once. You can also synchronize your invoices with third party accounting packages like Quickbooks, Xero and Sage and keep your finances in order.

  • Customise an invoice templates for each client
  • Batch export your invoices
  • Easily modify your invoices


Manage your team and your data efficiently. You can fine tune the permissions for each group and control what they can and cannot do. You can also customize how your data is formatted and how MiTransit reacts to changes made to your jobs. You can also set up automated cost calculation for your clients and save time and money.


Cost Calculations

Calculate the cost of your delivery jobs automatically based on different factors. You can choose to calculate the cost based on the distance traveled, the vehicle type used, the duration of the delivery, or a flat rate per job. You can also set different rates for different clients and apply discounts or surcharges as needed. MiTransit helps you save time and money by automating your cost calculation.

  • Global and client specific charges.
  • Custom formula based charges.
  • Use the same rates to calculate quotes on the portal.
  • Use distance, duration, vehicle type, and other factors.

Auto Route Planning

When you have a delivery job that involves multiple stops, you don't have to worry about planning the optimal route. MiTransit can automatically reorder the stops and calculate the best route for your job, saving you time and fuel. MiTransit makes your delivery job easier and faster.


Driver Tracking

MiTransit lets you track your drivers in semi-real time on the map. You can see their current location, their next stop, their estimated time of arrival, and their course. You can also communicate with your drivers and get updates on their delivery status. CourierApp helps you monitor your drivers and optimize your delivery operations.

  • View all active drivers' locations.
  • Estimated time of arrival and distance to the next stop.
  • Driver speed and course.
  • Update location every minute.
  • Be alerted when a driver is late.

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